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Images below have been selected to show conditions of some properties.

We were called out to repair this stove
because it would not work!!! surprise!!!!
Tenant Damage !!!!!
Owner was asked to have heater repaired
A well kept garden
HNZC contractor repair work, cut off
original toilet seat and replaced with
one they had in the van!
Hot Water cylinder replacement $1600 and this is what it looks like 12 months later
Another picture of the same Hot Water cylinder to the left
Yes this is a bathroom of a HNZC house
An unmanaged property
Tree grown too close to house or is it house to close to the tree
Another picture of the same house on the left.
Yes this is a HNZC leased property, the kitchen and stove were well looked after and clean, as per the lease agreement!!!!
Next door neighbours garden trying to invade HNZC lease property.
Another picture of the same house above
HNZC contractor repair work of shower curtain holder to ceiling!
This is another HNZC house , very well kept and clean
Another clean HNZC stove!!!
A clean oven!!!!

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