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  1. Advise owners regarding any queries concerning the HNZC LEASE.
  2. Provide two property inspections per annum, followed by a written report and photos.
  3. We provide a liaison service between HNZ and property owners to ensure that there need be no direct communication between the two parties and the relationship remains "worry free"
  4. Check HNZ unexplained debits from owners monthly accounts, and have unfair costs credited back to their account by HNZ.
  5. Ensure that owners receive representation in "Fair Wear and Tear " versus "Tenant Damage disputes.
  6. Ensure that a fair rent review is carried out annually.
  7. Provide annual preventative maintenance schedule.
  8. Provide quality tradesmen to carry out property maintenance.
  9. Ensure that any work carried out by HNZ contractors is of a high standard.
  10. Ensure that reimbursement of water rates is received by the owners where applicable.



One annual fee of $585 plus gst payable at time of signing property over to Solve It Property Management.

What it covers
All of the above services

What it does not cover
Contractors costs, i.e electrician cost,gutter cleaning,carpet repairs, plumbers costs etc.

Solve It does not receive your rental payments from HNZC this will still be credited to your account .Also your rental statement from HNZC will still be addressed to you.
If any maintenance work needs to be done at your property, we will contact you for your approval and after the work has been finished we will pay the contractor and invoice you.


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