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Benefits of Using Solve It


As of August 2008, HNZC no longer manages non-urgent or day to day maintenance of leased properties, with the responsibility for this now falling on owners.  Previously, HNZC would carry out the necessary work and bill the owner.  While this means that your investment is not “hands off”, the change of responsibility now gives landlords control over cost and quality of workmanship.

Solve It will monitor the use of your property by HNZC, ensuring your investment is being properly maintained by:

  • Conducting regular and frequent inspections and reports,
  • Arranging preventative maintenance schedules with owners to ensure such things as gutters and roofs are well maintained, and
  • Guaranteeing that any work completed by HNZC contractors is of high quality. 


  • Solve It will ensure that rent reviews are carried out fairly and that excessive use of water is claimed from HNZC.
  • We offer assurance that someone is checking what is "fair wear and tear” versus tenant damage. 
  • For approximately $10 per week, you will have peace of mind that your investment is well protected.

Contact us anytime for anything in relation to your HNZC investment property. 
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